PUMPA Show Us The Path To Happiness On ‘The River’


Audiences have been anticipating PUMPA’s next move. The Australia based band just released their latest project entitled The River, a beautiful song paired with fun visuals, the perfect combination for a resounding success. The song is the result of a unique feeling of bliss, sonically blending modern soundscapes with authentic rock.

PUMPA juggle effortlessly between pop and rock to present a music video filled with everything we love about music. They succeed at translating almost every emotions into sound, and listeners will hear them sing lyrics we can all relate to. The addictive melodies, vocals, and relaxing rhythms make the perfect recipe for a potential hit track.

PUMPA have always been extremely popular among audiences, receiving mass traction and plays every time they released a single or an album, and they continue their successful musical journey today with The River, getting ready once again to conquer the heart of music lovers.