Zach Zoya is Hop-Hop/RnB’s Next Big Thing

The lane of hip-hop and RnB is music is getting more clogged than ever. With countless artists trying their best The Weeknd imitations in efforts to be the next big thing, it’s made it hard for music fans to discover new, authentic artists with talent.

With all that said, there is one name amongst the troves of artist that does stand out above the rest, and his name is Zach Zoya.

While relatively new to the scene, Zoya’s already built a steady amount of hype around himself, showing himself as an artist that delivers quality, relatable bars, as well as smooth singing you’d expect from the new generation of multi-talented artists.

Zach Zoya

His newest single, “Superficial”, is a perfect example of Zoya being one of the top new artists in the game. With the perfect mix of heartbroken, pain-drenched singing and regretful bars, Zach Zoya puts his emotions on display, allowing listeners to experience what he’s feeling. This genuine approach of Zoya’s works wonders, creating the perfect moody track for any evening of chilling.

You can peep the track below, and check out why Zach Zoya’s about to blow up.