Lights La Soul - Always Been [Video]


This rapper/singer shines light on a different side of Pittsburgh with his latest music video. Always Been takes you on this loner's journey through a house party led by melodic layers and heartfelt notions in every line-

"...And we got closer, but now her shoulders' colder than the coast of Nova Scotia used to be like Cosa Nostra, shouldn'tna rode that roller coaster oh no..."

This track is a great follow up showing more proof of this lyricist's budding word play capability.

Papillon Rising - Things Are Looking Up [Video]


With a soulful groove that no foot will resist, and a haunting feel good melody, Papillon Rising's first single "Things Are Looking Up" makes for the perfect underdog summer hit. Those that care for lyrics will actually find a pleasantly subtle and encouraging message. Wait, message? Yes! Remember, Papillon Rising are all about a better future.. The flashy music video offers plenty of treats. Expect a spaceship, a nice granny, and two clowns causing chaos without losing their cool (alliteration totally unintended). Why the unbreakable good vibes? Because Papillon Rising know that Things Are Looking Up! Or, if you prefer something more hashtagable: #TALU

DJ Fresh - Super Fresh Challenge [Video]


DJ Fresh takes his "Super Fresh Challenge" to the next level with the help of Detroit's Que9 and Brooklyn Queen as they bring the high-energy dance challenge to life in the official visual. Watch as dozens of young dancers join in the fun with DJ Fresh and Good Look in this Marty McFly-directed video

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