benAM Shows His Worth on New EP Seraph

If his latest EP is any indication, Los Angeles-based music producer benAM is certainly a producer that’s worth keeping an eye on. With only two tracks, the latest release from benAM, Seraph, provides a wide array of electronic sounds sure to keep EDM fan’s headphones firmly glued to their ears.


Being made up of only two tracks, Seraph has to use it’s 12 minute length effectively, which it certainly does. While 12 minutes seems like a short amount of time, benAM makes use of every second as he weaves rich tapestries of sounds. It’s as if benAM is using these tracks to tell us a story through the sounds he’s employing. Everything feels intentional, with benAM utilizing a wide array of sounds on each track he creates a unique identity for his songs. From the melodic, emotional pianos of the title track, to the frantic sci-fi-inspired synthesizers scattered throughout “Daze”, the tracks on Seraph each have their own signature feel, creating a most entertaining listen.

While a relative newcomer, benAM has proven his ability to create compelling tracks that have a distinct feel to them. This is no small feat, with the EDM scene now littered with tracks almost indistinguishable from one another. Although a relatively short listen, Seraph has more than enough meat on it’s 12-minute bone for music fans to gnaw on, as they await whatever creativity benAM unleashes next.

You can check out what all the fuss is about right here.

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